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My name is Angela Bueno, owner of Nurture Eve Sleep Support.

In 2018, I became a mom to my daughter.

I had very unrealistic expectations of how an infant should sleep and behave. I didn’t know what to do. I looked everywhere for answers but I never looked in me and listened to my intuition.

After stumbling upon information about attachment and understanding normal infant sleep, I was able to slowly let go of control.

Due to this, I truly believe that I have a strong connection and attachment with my daughter.

My mission is to educate new moms as to what normal infant sleep is like, empower them to listen to their intuition, and co-create a plan that works for the entire family.

More about the Baby-Led Sleep Approach

From (creator):
The Baby-Led Sleep™ approach will teach you how to connect with your baby on a deeper level and how to reinforce important feelings of safety and security so that when developmentally ready, your baby will be prepared and will know how to fall asleep.
  • understand realistic, age-appropriate expectations about sleep;
  • learn about yourself as a parent and your impact on your baby’s sleep;
  • be a responsive parent by listening to your child’s cues and dealing with your child respectfully while supporting any distress, in an effort to build and nurture trust;
  • create a safe sleep space;
  • appreciate the emotional work required to support sleep, understand what causes sleep interruptions, and how sleep actually works; and
  • use the tools that encourage better sleep for your baby, as well as help you gain control over the conditions that affect good sleep, such as your own behavior, nutrition, environmental factors, routines, time, and “village” of support.

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