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Full Sleep Support – C$600

  • For parents of babies 12+ months of age who have significant sleep challenges, and/or who want a better understanding of their child’s sleep.
  • Includes a detailed intake form.
  • 1 hour education call and review of intake form.
  • 1 hour call to co-create a sleep plan
  • Daily email support for 3 weeks
  • Access to handouts and video content to help you reach your goals

Hourly Consult – C$125

  • Ideal for families wanting to learn more about what normal infant sleep looks like.
  • Parents will have an understanding of why their baby wakes and create a strategy to get more sleep without sleep training.
  • 60-95 minute education call.
  • Access to handouts and video content to help you reach your goals.
  • No Discovery Call included. Please email to book.

Sleep Without Sleep Training Online Course – CAD$125

Get clarity around your baby’s sleep so you can get more rest and start parenting from the heart again.

  • Self-paced online course for babies and toddlers within the age of 6-18 months old.
  • A comprehensive online course that provides you with education around normal infant sleep.
  • Help you understand common sleep and feeding challenges around this age.
  • Provide you with strategies on how to make changes around sleep that don’t work for you and your family anymore.

Let’s chat and find out which package works best for your family!
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